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SlumberShield®, the Industry’s First 360°, fully removable top mattress encasement featuring SecureZZZip® with a proprietary BedBugBanisher® Zipper Lock. read more

BED BUGS Whoever thought when mom told us “Sleep Tight and Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite” that she would one day mean it as more than just a cute bedtime saying?? The thought is horrifying!! read more

DUST MITES AND ALLERGIES Dust mites are the main cause of indoor allergies. These critters feed on human skin scales most commonly found on your mattress and pillows and can multiply daily. In fact, after two years, 10% of your mattress and pillow’s weight is from dust mites alone. read more

THE YOUNG, THE ELDERLY AND MAN’S BEST FRIEND All of which we love and can not live without! Accidents can happen to anyone, but the risk is far greater for the very young, the very elderly and our lovable, four-legged friends. Certain things are just out of their control. That is why it is so important to protect your mattress and pillows with SlumberShield’s line of protectors and encasements before these mishaps take place.